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Spooky Snacks

When the calendar flips to the month of October, I start planning and prepping for spooky snacks and creative costumes. I love Halloween and I love to decorate my house and make treats to celebrate this spine-tingling time to year.

Here are a few creative creations I’ve made that will help you and your ghouls get into the ghostly spirit.

Pumpkin candy bowls

These lack-o-lantern filled treat bowls will take at least one overnight, to allow the candy melts to set up overnight. The patience level for this snack is high, but the skill level low. Simply blow up a few water balloons and then dredge in orange candy melts. Then leave the balloon inflated while the candy sets overnight. The next day, you can pop the balloon, use chocolate icing to pipe on a jack-o-lantern grin, fill the bowl with candy and done. I used clear plastic Cello bags to wrap the bowls and attached a purchased treat tag with a piece of orange and black string. I found a tutorial for how to create this treat here.

  • Supply List
    • 1 bag orange candy melts
    • water balloons
    • black icing to pipe jack-o-lantern faces
    • cello bags
    • decorative labels/tag and string
Donut spiders

These creepy crawly donut spiders were simple and required just three ingredients. I used chocolate covered mini donuts and cut apart mini pretzels that were stuck into the donuts to look like legs. Yes, I know spiders have eight legs. The mini donuts just didn’t look good with some many legs. I used a tiny bit of chocolate frosting to attach the M&M eyes. See the tutorial on how to assemble them here.

  • Supply List
    • chocolate covered mini donuts
    • mini pretzels
    • M&Ms
jack-o-lantern pizza

The jack-o-lantern pizza is a easiest Halloween treat. Step #1: Go to a Papa Murphy’s. Step #2: Order the Jack-o-Lantern pizza. Step #3: Make the pizza.

Our family does this every year and judging by the line of people at Papa Murphy’s on October 31st so do many others. This year I plan to order online and pick up before 2pm to avoid the crowds.