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Our house gets pretty excited for the start of the Viking’s football season. While the boys of the house focus on quarterback ratings and starting line-ups, I see the kick-off of the NFL season as a chance to get crafty. Break out the hot glue gun and scrapbook paper, this post explains how I put together a football party this is sure to start your favorite team’s season off with a win.

welcome football season

With a wreath like this on the front door, our neighbors have no doubt which team we’re supporting. I made this fabric rag wreath using yellow, purple and football patterned fabric. Here’s a link to a tutorial on how to make a fabric rag wreath. The center of the wreath is a 4×6 image I snagged from the Vikings website, backed with yellow chevron scrapbook paper, topped with a purple and football ribbon and hung with yellow polka dot ribbon. Tying the fabric rag wreath is time consuming. I did it in short spurts over a couple evenings, usually after the boys were in bed and I was watching the evening news.


I kept the food simple. The pizza was a take and bake cheese pizza that I added pepperonis and strategically placed cheese to in the shape of a football. I googled purple drinks and found a recipe for Purple People Eaters. Delicious. The bottles are emptied and washed Starbucks Frappuccino drinks. I hot glued football ribbon and tiny Skol! pennants to the bottle necks then popped in a yellow striped paper straw. For dessert, I made brownies and then used a football shaped cookie cutter to cut them. I then piped white frosting across the footballs to make laces.

Set the Scene

To make the banner that was taped across the island I used my Cricut to cut 6 inch triangles out of both purple and yellow chevron scrapbook paper. I then cut 5 1/2 inch triangles out of the solid colors and used a glue stick to layer them on top of each other. The letters were cut at 5 inches, attached to the triangles and then topped with a purple polka dot ribbon.

The football tower centerpiece was my favorite party project, but was also the most challenging. The tower’s base is a 10 inch Styrofoam half ball with a 1 inch dowel jammed into it. The football is a paper lantern that I purchased at a party supply store. The yellow plastic megaphone was also purchased at a party supply store and sandwiched between two-8 inch, purple tulle poms poms. Around the base, I crumpled and layered green tissue paper and secured with packing tape. The poms poms were attached with gobs of hot glue. I made a slit on the bottom and the top of the megaphone with an x-acto knife and pulled the dowel through. It takes some patience and a little finesse to get the pom poms and tissue paper to cooperate. The outcome is worth it.

Lil’ Vikes

To add to the fun for the boys, I did a kid’s table for this party. The place setting was 12×12 pieces of scrapbook paper and paper party plates. I wrapped juice boxes with brown paper and used white strips of tape to make them look like footballs. The centerpiece was a balloon bouquet that I purchased at the grocery store.

supply list
  • Wreath
    • wire wreath frame
    • 1 yard each-yellow, purple and football patterned ribbon
    • 1″ wide purple polka dot ribbon
    • 2″ wide yellow polka dot ribbon
    • 1/2″ wide football ribbon
  • Go Vikes Banner
    • 6″ triangles cut from both yellow and purple chevron scrapbook paper
    • 5 1/2″ triangles cut from both solid yellow and purple scrapbook paper
    • black scrapbook paper
    • 1/2″ purple polka dot ribbon (also used on wreath)
  • Purple People Drink Bottles
    • emptied and washed Starbucks Frappuccino bottles
    • 1/2″ wide football ribbon (also used on wreath)
    • purple chevron scrapbook paper (also used on banner)
    • yellow scrapbook paper (also used on banner)
    • yellow striped paper straws
  • Football Tower

Regardless of how the team performs on the field, the game day atmosphere was a win!.

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You’re a Mean One

December 2017

Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas movie is a favorite at our house. This holiday season we decided to take in a theater production of the Christmas classic. The show was put on by the Minneapolis Children’s Theater, a nice introduction to live performances for our young boys. If you’re me, a special occasion like this is just another excuse for a party. A grinchy, green party.

Many of the items for this party were recycled from previous birthday parties or old Christmas decorations that haven’t made it out of storage boxes for a few years. Here’s how I put this party together:

  • Table runner-this is just 1 yard of fabric I purchased that looked grinch-like.
    • I don’t sew and don’t own a sewing machine, so I just cut the fabric to the width and length I thought looked good on my island.
    • I also scattered a couple red and green bulb ornaments on the runner for added depth and interest.
  • Red ball tree-this was purchased at Target a few years ago and was one of those items that had been in storage for a few years.
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas! book-you can double dip on this one and have your Elf on the Shelf deliver this a few days prior.
  • Grinch quote printable-get a free download here. I glued the page to a piece of scrapbook paper and placed on an easel.
  • Grinch hand with ornament-I purchased off, cut it out and used colored twine to hang above the island.
  • Red Cake Stand-was found at Walmart a few years ago. I used red striped paper drinking straws and stuck them into large marshmallows. Then I melted green candy melts, coated the marshmallow and then dunked it in sprinkles before placing on a colorful cupcake wrapper.
  • Crispy bars-I added green food coloring to the mix before letting cool in a cake pan. Then I used a heart shaped cookie cutter to shape the bars. I placed a red, heart shaped candy in the lower corner and displayed on a white serving dish.
  • Place setting-the red plastic chargers were a Target find from a few years ago. I bought the Grinch paper dinner plates on Amazon. I wrapped silverware in red polka dot napkins that were cinched with a piece of red twine and a grinchy napkin ring.
  • Grinch punch-I used a blender to mix lemon-lime soda and lime sherbet. Pour the punch into small classes rimmed with red and white twine and a candy cane.
  • Grinch hats-I used a tooth pick to secure a green grape, a slice of banana, a strawberry and then mini-marshmallow together.
  • Grinch plush-I stopped by Barnes n Noble to purchase the grinch book and these were sitting near the check out. Get In My Basket! The boys took them into the theater and held them during the production.
Ugly Christmas sweaters aren’t just for pub crawls.

Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps….means a little bit more.

Dr. Seuss
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Back to School Party

Kicking off another great school year.

Before the start of the school year, I try to get the boys excited about the upcoming year and all the possibilities. Part of building that excitement includes throwing a back-to-school party. The party is typically a few days before school starts, so as to not make the night before the first day of school even more stressful. We make personal pizzas and have cupcakes around our festive dining table.

The party has become an annual tradition that the boys ask about and want to help set up. Here’s a list of the party decorations and supplies:

Dining Table

  • 12×12 cork scrapbooking paper
  • 5×7 black mini clipboards
  • Red disposable dinner plates
  • 1 set of math flashcards
  • 3 dozen pencils
  • Ceramic pencil jars and red ceramic apple (purchased on Target)
  • Table runner-canvas drop cloth cut to length; use black Sharpie and ruler to measure and draw length increments as well as stencil in numbers

Feature Wall

School Rules
  • Flashcards on a string
    • use flashcards from same deck as dining table and mini clothes pin to attach to colored twine. Colored twine and mini clothes pins can be found at craft stores.
  • Pencil Wreath
    • use black square paper plate and a chalkboard marker to write on center of wreath
    • cut 2 wooden rulers into four pieces and hot glue to sides of plate
    • stagger and hot glue pencils to backside of wreath (about 16 pencils)
    • use piece of colored ribbon to make hanger


  • Pencil banner was another Target find, but you could easily find a pencil image and make your own banner
  • Stack composition notebooks and top with mini chalkboard easel (found at Michaels)
  • Make your families favorite flavor of cupcakes in a fun wrapper and top with cupcake toppers like these

I also like to start the school year by giving each of the boys a new book; you can find similar cute tags here. I’m not sure who enjoys this annual tradition more, me or the kids.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt