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Milk and Cookies

If you Give a Kid a Cookie….

The first day of school is filled with new experiences; a new classroom, a new teacher, new expectations and new routines. One of the new routines for our boys this year is riding the bus home. I wanted to greet them on the first day home after school with a special treat. Warm, gooey cookies and a chilly glass of milk. A little bit of comfort after an exhausting first day of school.

The milk and cookie after school treat was staged in our basement around a small kid table that wasn’t being used anymore, but was just the right size for an after school treat. I thought the small table would make for a cozy space to unwind from a long, first day. Here are the details on how the milk and cookie back to school treat came together.

Cookie Canister

The cookie canister centerpiece was made with a tin milk jug I found at Hobby Lobby to which I added my own blue and brown polka dot ribbon. I cut three circles in varying sizes (7″, 6″ and 5″) using my Cricut and then used a brown marker to draw on chocolate chips. I did practice this a few times on scratch paper before attempting on the the cookies. I also used the brown marker to outline the cookies and even cut half circles out of the biggest cookie to make it look like bite marks. I then taped the cookies to wooden skewers and placed into the jug that I’d stuffed with tissue paper. If free-handing the chocolate chips seems overwhelming, try printing chocolate chip clip art and gluing to the cookies.

Cookie Platter

Each place setting was staged with a glass of milk and a cupcake. The wooden chargers were purchased at Target and were placed underneath a white dinner plate and blue dessert plate. The white dinner plates were found at IKEA and the blue dessert plates were another Target find. The white cupcake stands came from Hobby Lobby and were a fun way to display the chocolate cupcake topped with mini chocolate chips.

Beside the cookie cupcake was a small jug of milk that was topped with a couple chocolate striped cookies and a tan polka dot paper straw. One more way to incorporate another type of cookie into the place setting.

Back to School Banner

The back to school banner was made using 4×6 brown paper bags from a craft supply store. I chose brown paper bags because it reminder me for sack lunches. The letters were free hand drawn onto the bags using a white paint pen. I loosely shaded in the letters to give the design a sort of chalkboard look. The bags were hung on black and white string with mini white clothes pins. I taped the three strands of string to the wall and covered the tape with 3 1/4″ cookies I made using my Cricut.

More Cookies

To make the treat even sweeter, I set out four different flavored cookies from Insomnia Cookies; M&M, Peanut Butter Chip, Double Chocolate Chunk and Snickerdoodle. Cookie overload.

Judging from these cookie crumb grins, I think the treat was a success.

Supply List

  • Cookie Canister
    • 12″ tin milk jug or other vase
    • wooden skewers
    • 3-12×12 sheets of tan scrapbook paper
    • brown marker
    • tissue paper
  • Place Setting
    • 15″ Acacia wood platter for Target (I used them as chargers)
    • 12″ white dinner plate (these are from IKEA_
    • dessert plates (found at Target)
    • mini pedestals (found at Hobby Lobby)
    • tan polka dot paper straws
    • emptied and washed Starbucks Frappuccino bottles
    • milk and cookie drink wrappers
    • fudge striped cookies and chocolate cupcakes with white frosting and mini chocolate chips sprinkles
  • Back to School Banner
    • 4×6 brown paper bags
    • white paint pen
    • black and white string
    • white mini clothes pins