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Christmas Bucket

We get a little Christmas crazy at our house. A few years ago, I came across the idea of doing an activity each day in December leading up to Christmas. The Christmas Bucket is sort of a Christmas bucket list slash advent calendar slash twelve days of Christmas all wrapped into one. I wrap small items or envelopes that correspond to each day in December (gift/envelope #12 gets opened on December 12th). Each gift/envelope includes directions for the day’s activity. Sometimes I’m even able to get our Elf on the Shelf, Elroy, in on the fun. We’ve created a lot of great Christmas memories and spent a lot of time together celebrating the season through the Christmas Bucket. Below you will find an itemized list of activities with needed supplies.

Christmas Bucket

DAY #1 the true reason for the season
Day #2 wrap yourself in the season
Day #3 cut down and decorate the christmas tree
Day #4 Trim a Christmas tree in your bedroom
Day #5 Eat Dinner by the Christmas Tree
Day #6 donate to toys for tots
Day #7 Bake Christmas Cookies
Day #8 Lighted Christmas Display
Day #9 Volunteer to help those in need
Day #10 Write a letter to santa
DAy #11 Visit Santa
Day #12 Make a Christmas Ornament
Day #13 Bake Christmas Cupcakes
Day #14 Make a gift for someone special
Day #15 Make a Gingerbread House
Day #16 Attend a special holiday event
Day #17 Wear Christmas Pajamas
Day #18 Show Kindness to others
Day #19 Sleep by the Christmas TRee
Day #20 Make Lefse
Day #21 Drink Hot Chocolate
Day #22 Watch a Christmas Movie
Day #23 Bake a cake for Jesus
Day #24 Leave cookies and milk for Santa

Day by Day Christmas Bucket List with Supplies

  • Day #1-The True Reason for the Season
  • Day #2-Wrap Yourself in the Season
    • package of lights or items you’ll use in photo shoot (blanket/scarves/etc)
  • Day #3-Cut Down and Decorate Your Christmas Tree
    • hand saw
  • Day #4-Trim a Christmas Tree in your Bedroom
    • couple of ornaments that fit your trees theme
  • Day #5-Eat Dinner by the Christmas Tree
  • Day #6-Donate to Toys for Tots
    • envelope with note
  • Day #7-Bake Christmas Cookies
    • cookies cutters or sprinkles; aprons
  • Day #8-See a Lighted Christmas Display
  • Day #9-Volunteer to Help Those in Need
  • Day #10-Write a Letter to Santa
  • Day #11-Visit Santa
    • envelope with note
  • Day #12-Make a Christmas Ornament
    • wooden spoil, paint and brush, black marker, string/ribbon. Instructions
  • Day #13-Bake Christmas Cupcakes
    • cupcake decorating supplies (sprinkles, picks, etc)
  • Day #14-Make a Gift for Someone Special
    • Instructions and supply list for Mistletoes canvas art here
  • Day #15-Make a Gingerbread House
  • Day #16-Attend a Special Holiday Event
  • Day #17-Wear Christmas Pajamas
  • Day #18-Show Kindness to Others
  • Day #19- Sleep by the Christmas Tree
  • Day #20-Make Lefse
    • whatever tool your holiday treat requires (rolling pin, lefse stick, etc)
  • Day #21- Drink Hot Chocolate
  • Day #22-Watch a Christmas Movie
    • holiday movie
  • Day #23-Bake a Cake for Jesus
    • cake mix
  • Day #24-Leave Cookies and Milk for Santa