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Yo, Ho Ho!

March 2015

Birthdays are a big deal. Especially when you’re turning five and especially at our house. To celebrate turning a “whole hand” Paxton requested a pirate birthday party. Bring on the pirate hats, eye patches, treasure chests and a bounty of other pirate booty. Here’s how the party came together:

Walk the Plank!

  • On our patio door I draped a piece of black netting and strung a triangle shaped banner made of red and black sheets of patterned scrapbook paper.
  • Using Publisher, I made two signs that were mounted to pirate themed scrapbook paper. The images on the signs were clipart available in Publisher.
  • For the island centerpiece, I staged some beads and gold coins I found at a party supply store with a hook, pirate spyglass and sword from my kid’s toy box. From the hook, I tied three Mylar balloons.
  • The island was covered with a black plastic table cloth and a yard of striped, black and white fabric that I cut into the shape of a table runner.
  • The banner in front of the island was made with a Cricut and a variety of scrapbook paper. I cut strips of pirate themed fabric and tied them in between the banner’s words.

Welcome me hearties!

As guests walked up to our house on the day of the party, they were warned……

  • X marks the spot-I used red duct tape to make a giant X in front of the door.
  • The chest was from our basement, we use it was blanket storage. I used a yard of black fabric with white polka dots and tucked it over the top of the chest. The skull and cross bones were made with my Cricut. More beads, coins, a pirate party hat, toy sword and a skull from our Halloween decorations adorn the top of the chest.
  • Another piece of black netting (from the same package used on the patio door) was draped over the open chest.
    The sign on the chest was made using Publisher. It reads, “Beware as you search for gold, Captain Paxton is turning five years old!”
  • The vertical sign on the front door was purchased here.


Sail-I used one-inch PVC pipe that I spray painted black to make the basic structure. Both the base and the vertical part of the sail are the shape of an upper case letter I.

  • The base is covered with a piece of pirate themed fabric that was left over from the island banner. I raided the boys’ toy box again for the hook and sword at the base of the sail.
  • I used two pieces of black and white, striped fabric (the same fabric that was used for the island table runner) to tie to the vertical part of the sail.
  • A similar triangle banner to the one on the patio door hangs across the sail.

Shiver Me Timbers

  • The red and white striped placemats were set over a black plastic table cloth.
  • The paper pirate plates were placed over slightly larger black plastic plates.
  • Red plastic silverware was wrapped in skull and cross bones napkins and secured with napkin rings I made using my Cricut and scrapbook paper.
  • Guests drank root beer from bottles that I replaced the labels on. I also removed the bottle caps from the root beer and shoved generic cork stoppers I purchased at a craft store.

The birthday cake was the hit of the party. I followed a pirate cake making tutorial but made modifications. I’m not good with cake fondant, so I covered the cake with frosting. The sails of the cake were made with scrapbook paper and were secured with skewers. Pirate figurines were set on and around the cake. I used a cardboard cake board and wrapped it in a left over piece of black table cloth. Left over black netting, gold coins and beads rounded out the centerpiece.

The birthday boy was thrilled with the decorations and looked adorable in his custom made pirate shirt. With gifts opened and guests gone, the entire family needed a nap!