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Back to School Party

Kicking off another great school year.

Before the start of the school year, I try to get the boys excited about the upcoming year and all the possibilities. Part of building that excitement includes throwing a back-to-school party. The party is typically a few days before school starts, so as to not make the night before the first day of school even more stressful. We make personal pizzas and have cupcakes around our festive dining table.

The party has become an annual tradition that the boys ask about and want to help set up. Here’s a list of the party decorations and supplies:

Dining Table

  • 12×12 cork scrapbooking paper
  • 5×7 black mini clipboards
  • Red disposable dinner plates
  • 1 set of math flashcards
  • 3 dozen pencils
  • Ceramic pencil jars and red ceramic apple (purchased on Target)
  • Table runner-canvas drop cloth cut to length; use black Sharpie and ruler to measure and draw length increments as well as stencil in numbers

Feature Wall

School Rules
  • Flashcards on a string
    • use flashcards from same deck as dining table and mini clothes pin to attach to colored twine. Colored twine and mini clothes pins can be found at craft stores.
  • Pencil Wreath
    • use black square paper plate and a chalkboard marker to write on center of wreath
    • cut 2 wooden rulers into four pieces and hot glue to sides of plate
    • stagger and hot glue pencils to backside of wreath (about 16 pencils)
    • use piece of colored ribbon to make hanger


  • Pencil banner was another Target find, but you could easily find a pencil image and make your own banner
  • Stack composition notebooks and top with mini chalkboard easel (found at Michaels)
  • Make your families favorite flavor of cupcakes in a fun wrapper and top with cupcake toppers like these

I also like to start the school year by giving each of the boys a new book; you can find similar cute tags here. I’m not sure who enjoys this annual tradition more, me or the kids.

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