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North Pole Breakfast

Each year we welcome our Elf on the Shelf, Elroy, at our home’s Annual North Pole Breakfast. The day before we go on a hunt for the perfect Christmas tree and decorate it. The boys have come to expect that in the morning Elroy will arrive. He will be sitting in the newly decorated tree surveying the festive scene he’s set for breakfast.

Elroy Elf arrived at our house in 2012, when our oldest was just 2 1/2 years old. The breakfast was a fun way to usher in the idea of Elroy, along with the book. When the boys wake up the morning of the breakfast, they notice the decorated table and then head to the tree to find Elroy. We read the special note Elroy wrote to them as well as the book (both serve as part of the tablescape). There is added magic in having a personalized note written from your Elf.


The inspiration for the place setting was the snowman salad plates. They are melamine making them easy to store which is important because all items need to be tucked away the night after the party. Elroy leaves no trace. Once I decided on the salad plates, I started building out the rest of the dishware and decorations.

  • Lime green cloth place mats (similar here)
  • Snowflake embossed dinner plate (I have both red and bright blue)
  • Snowman salad plate (similar here)
  • Snowman vinyl tablecloth (similar here)
  • Snowman drinking cups
  • Lime green stocking with coordinating paper napkin
  • Tree ornament

I layered the place mat over the vinyl table cloth and then centered the dinner plate on the place mat and topped with the salad plate. I stuffed a mini stocking with silverware and a paper napkin. Each year, Elroy brings the boys an ornament for the Christmas tree in their rooms. I use a Sharpie to write Merry Christmas from Elroy on the back of the ornament as well as the year.

The table’s centerpiece was a serving tray with the arrival note from Elroy on an easel. I propped the Elf on the Shelf book in the background and dangled a string of battery operated lights around the tray. I used a red cake stand to display a fun food items and a snowman sign. The snowman sign was stick in a clear vase wrapped with decorative paper. I stuffed tissue paper in the vase and topped with small red pom pom balls. I tapes the snowman sign to a cake pop stick and balances in the vase. The snowman sign and vase were made using a printable from Amanda’s Parties To Go.

Above the table I hung snowflakes of various sizes and colors using colored string. On the backs of the chairs I tied lime organza bows. The food for the party varies from year to year. I’ve made candy caned stacks of powdered donuts, chimney pudding cups, snowmen on a stick and donut Santa hats. All those treats serve as appetizers and a distraction while daddy makes the main course; Santa Cakes. The Santa Cakes are made with a basic pancake face, chocolate chip eyes, an M&M nose, a strawberry hat and loads of whip cream. The boys love the pancakes and look forward to our Santa breakfast each year. The breakfast has become one of our favorite family traditions.

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Gobble, Gobble Breakfast

The food. It’s hands down the best part of Thanksgiving. I’m thankful I have family members who wish to host the feast, freeing me up to dish up a creative turkey day breakfast for my boys. Here’s how I do it:

Turkey Cinnamon roll s
  • 1 can cinnamon rolls with icing (5 rolls)
  • several strips fully cooked bacon/turkey bacon (haha)
  • candy corn and candied eyes
  • scrambled eggs-to serve as a side

Simply follow the directions on the cinnamon roll package. When adding icing, place a candy corn beak and candied eyes. Place fully cooked bacon between ceases of the roll (you may need to use a knife to create a slit to stick the bacon in). Serve with a side of scrambled eggs and…..that. is. it. Here’s a video tutorial from on how to make them.

Bonus Turkey Treats

If you’re attending a Thanksgiving gathering with several youngsters, a kid friendly dessert is an excellent dish to add to the menu. Serving up a kid minded sweet will keep the little ones entertained for a few minutes longer so the adults can enjoy the pie and wine.

Turkey Pudding Cups
  • chocolate pudding cups
  • feathers in various colors
  • candied eyes
  • orange felt
  • red glittery felt

Turn the pudding cups upside down. Use hot glue to attach three feathers to one side of the cup (the back). On the front side hot glue candied eyes and a small orange felt triangle for the beak. Use red glittery felt to cut a wattle (that’s the red skin that hangs from a turkey’s neck. I Googled it) and glue next to the beak. Use orange felt to cut feet and glue to underside of pudding up. Kiddos will gobble this treat up.

Rice Cereal Turkeys
  • rice cereal bars (cut into large rectangles)
  • miniature peanut butter cups
  • red, orange and yellow Starbursts
  • mini chocolate chips
  • snowflake cookie cutter
  • yellow frosting

Start by softening the Starbursts in the microwave and then flatten with your fingertips. Use one corner of the snowflake cookie cutter to create the feather shape. Use a small dab of frosting to attach the leaves and the peanut butter cups to the crispy bar. Attach the mini chocolate chip eyes with a bit of frosting. Pipe on yellow frosting for the legs and feet as well as the beak. Use a tiny bit of squished red Starburst for the turkey’s wattle. The idea for this treat was found here.

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Moo, Cluck, Ba Birthday

Oink, cluck, moo our little Bridger was turning two! I was looking to harvest up some fun for his birthday party and since he’s a lover of tractors and animals, a barnyard bash seemed to fit the bill.

Many of the images and decorations for this party were made using the Cricut Create a Critter template as well as an instant download I purchased from Stockberry Studios. The birthday boy wore a custom t-shirt similar to the one here.

The smiling two-year-old.

I love handmade invitations. Yes, they take forever to make and they are often tedious to create, but the finished product is more of a keepsake than a notice of the party’s details.

invite supplies
  • Cardstock (black, red, white, yellow, a lighter yellow, orange, green, brown, tan, gray, and pink)
    • you only need one sheet of several of the lesser colors like the yellows, orange, tans and gray. I used scraps I had on hand/left over from other projects.
  • Red and white gingham paper
  • Twine
  • New Cricut blade-this invite requires A LOT of cuts (optional)
The backside of the invite was a simple white sheet of paper that was glued to the invite. It included date, time, place and other party details.

When guests arrived at the party, there was no mistaking they were at Bridger’s Barnyard Bash. On the front door hung a burlap wreath announcing you were about to enter the party and the terrible two’s. The party was in the fall, so festive seasonal decorations did double duty as a place to prop a sign announcing the birthday boy. Instructions on how to make a burlap wreath can found here. The birthday sign was made with three 1x4s cut, painted and attached to a 1×1 stake. The letters on the signs were painted with a stencil I made on the Cricut.


The tablescape and centerpieces for the party were simple and fun to put together. A variety of streamer colors and some cow print balloons were strung above the table. The table was covered in a red plastic table cloth with a cow print table runner down the middle. Place settings consisted of stacking a 12 inch round yellow dinner plate, an 8 inch square red dessert plate and then attaching a 3 inch printable circle, from the Stockberry printable, on top. I folded light green napkins in half and wrapped with a drink wrapper from the same collection. The drink bottles are emptied and washed Starbucks Frappaccino bottles that were covered with a drink wrapper. I added a yellow chevron paper drinking straw and a red and white striped ribbon around the bottle’s neck.

tablescape supplies
  • Red table cloth
  • Cow print table runner
  • 12 inch round dinner plate-yellow
  • 8 inch square desert plate-red
  • 1 package light green napkins
  • set of yellow plastic silverware
  • glass drink bottles
  • yellow chevron paper straws
  • red and white striped ribbon
  • Stockberry Studios printable

The main dining room table centerpiece was the birthday cake surrounded by a variety of cupcakes on a red cake stand.

To make the sheep cake, I baked a smaller cake and covered it with green frosting. The sheep is a cupcake laid on it’s side with mini marshmallows for wool and a large marshmallow head. The legs are white and black fondant rolled to shape and size.

The second dining table’s centerpiece was a couple of hay bales with animals and a sign made from the printables and Create a Critter Cricut Collection.

From our kitchen island the birthday boys’ favorite meal of hot dogs, mac n’ cheese, fruit and pickles was served. I covered the island with another red plastic table cloth, plopped a balloon bouquet in the middle and strung a handmade garland across the front. The garland was made using a piece of twine that I tied 12 inch strips of various fabrics and ribbons. I chose red gingham, cow print and yellow polka dot fabric as well as red pom pom ribbon and a scalloped yellow ribbon. It was adorable and easy to make.

Our fun loving now two year old kicked off his second year in style and with the biggest cake covered grin.

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Spooktacular Halloween Party

I love Halloween. I love to decorate for it. I love to make costumes for it. I love to steal trick-or-treat candy from my kids once they are in bed. Halloween is another excuse for me to express my creativity. Plus, I love to surprise my boys with spooky treats and special parties. This year I put together a spooky celebration complete with witches brew and pumpkin pizza.

I decorate for Halloween like some people decorate for Christmas. I focused my decorating on the dining room and kitchen this year to add even more pazzazz to the party. Across the patio door I suspended a giant bendable spider that I secured to the wall with a tea cup hook. Draped over the doorway were two strands of black and candy corn garland. I added a few spider webs to tie the decorations to the nearby wine cabinet. The wine cabinet was decorated with a webbed candelabra and a simple white skeleton.

The tablescape was my favorite part of the party. I used a spiderweb table runner that was topped with two medium, white pumpkins and three small, orange pumpkins. The idea for the fabric covered bats was found here. It was easy to create and added just the right amount of whimsy to the table. Place settings were created using orange and black buffalo plaid placements, black and white buffalo plaid dinner plates and polka dot and spider salad plates. A simple punch of green Gatorade and Sprite filled Belgian beer glasses. I added sour gummy worms to the glasses and told my boys it was a special witches brew.

I covered the kitchen island with a cheap plastic table cloth and used two black and orange buffalo plaid placements as a runner. The island centerpiece was a white metal scale from a home interior store. I found the pumpkins at Target, they were actually the inspiration for the centerpiece. I’ve had my eye on the scale for a couple months and once I found the pumpkins, I knew just how I’d use it. I plan to incorporate the scale into my kitchen decor after Halloween. The banner hung above the island was also found at Target.

The party was a great way to start our night before we went trick-or-treating. I went door to door as The Momster. Frightening.
Party Supply List
  • Spooktacular Supply List
    • Dining Room
      • Giant bendable spider
      • 2 strands of black and orange garland from JoAnn Fabrics
      • Webbed candelabra with glitter candles from Michael’s
      • White ceramic skeleton
      • Small amount of white spider webs
    • Tablescape
      • Black webbed table runner; similar found here
      • Black and orange buffalo plaid placemats
      • Black and white buffalo plaid dinner plates found at Home Goods
      • Orange polka dot and spiderweb salad plates (paper) found at Hobby Lobby
      • Belgian beer goblets with witches brew punch
    • Centerpiece
      • 3 small orange pumpkins
      • 2 medium white pumpkins
      • Floral wire
      • Black and white wasi tape
      • wooden bats
      • black patterned fabric
    • Island
      • Orange plastic table cloth
      • 2 orange and black placemats
      • White metal scale
      • Three pumpkins in various shapes and colors
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Pumpkin Patch

My favorite color is fall. Sipping cider, rustling leaves, bushels of mums and rusty wagons overloaded with pumpkins are my ideas of fall perfection. Every year, our family seeks out those sweet fall moments at a pumpkin patch. Hayrides, corn mazes and a chance to snag the perfect pumpkin were at the top of our agenda when we decided to try out Pinehaven Farm in Wyoming, MN. I’d recently come across an article in Reader’s Digest listing Pinehaven as the best pumpkin patch in Minnesota. We went to see for ourselves.

activities for everyone

We arrived on a Friday in the early afternoon (took advantage of an early out day at school), hoping to beat the crowds. We basically had the whole place to ourselves. Admission at Pinehaven Farm ranges between $9-$14 per person, depending on the day you go. There are so many activities to do for the price, it’s worth it. We spent about three hours at the farm feeding goats, zipping down the slide, climbing haystacks and bouncing on the giant pillow. There are dozens of other activities to try at Pinehaven including a corn pit, a pumpkin eating dragon and a trolley that shuttles guests to and from the pick-your-own pumpkin patch.

My favorite part of the farm was the corn maze. I may be a bit directional challenged, but the maze was a chance for the boys to work together as we attempted to navigate the maze and earn punches on our corn maze card. We tried our best to find all the checkpoints, but eventually tired of the process and went to find a snack. On weekdays, Pinehaven offers cookies, caramel apples, mini donuts and a variety of sodas and drinks. Weekend snack seekers have more selection with roasted corn-on-the-cob, nachos, hot dogs, funnel cakes, cheese curds and a beer garden. Next year we’ll plan to come back on a weekend, for food reasons alone.

pumpkin cannon

Twice daily a train whistle sounds, summoning guests to gather at the pumpkin cannon for a launch. Using about as much pressure as a car tire, the cannon hurls a pumpkin at about 250 miles per hour for a distance of about 1/3 of a mile. The boys were impressed.

I’d do that again

Due to the wet conditions in the pumpkin patch, we chose to pick our pumpkins from the pre-picked patch. The boys painstakingly pawed through the pumpkins trying to choose just the right one. We had a great time at Pinehaven and are already making plans to go back next year.

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Spooky Snacks

When the calendar flips to the month of October, I start planning and prepping for spooky snacks and creative costumes. I love Halloween and I love to decorate my house and make treats to celebrate this spine-tingling time to year.

Here are a few creative creations I’ve made that will help you and your ghouls get into the ghostly spirit.

Pumpkin candy bowls

These lack-o-lantern filled treat bowls will take at least one overnight, to allow the candy melts to set up overnight. The patience level for this snack is high, but the skill level low. Simply blow up a few water balloons and then dredge in orange candy melts. Then leave the balloon inflated while the candy sets overnight. The next day, you can pop the balloon, use chocolate icing to pipe on a jack-o-lantern grin, fill the bowl with candy and done. I used clear plastic Cello bags to wrap the bowls and attached a purchased treat tag with a piece of orange and black string. I found a tutorial for how to create this treat here.

  • Supply List
    • 1 bag orange candy melts
    • water balloons
    • black icing to pipe jack-o-lantern faces
    • cello bags
    • decorative labels/tag and string
Donut spiders

These creepy crawly donut spiders were simple and required just three ingredients. I used chocolate covered mini donuts and cut apart mini pretzels that were stuck into the donuts to look like legs. Yes, I know spiders have eight legs. The mini donuts just didn’t look good with some many legs. I used a tiny bit of chocolate frosting to attach the M&M eyes. See the tutorial on how to assemble them here.

  • Supply List
    • chocolate covered mini donuts
    • mini pretzels
    • M&Ms
jack-o-lantern pizza

The jack-o-lantern pizza is a easiest Halloween treat. Step #1: Go to a Papa Murphy’s. Step #2: Order the Jack-o-Lantern pizza. Step #3: Make the pizza.

Our family does this every year and judging by the line of people at Papa Murphy’s on October 31st so do many others. This year I plan to order online and pick up before 2pm to avoid the crowds.

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Milk and Cookies

If you Give a Kid a Cookie….

The first day of school is filled with new experiences; a new classroom, a new teacher, new expectations and new routines. One of the new routines for our boys this year is riding the bus home. I wanted to greet them on the first day home after school with a special treat. Warm, gooey cookies and a chilly glass of milk. A little bit of comfort after an exhausting first day of school.

The milk and cookie after school treat was staged in our basement around a small kid table that wasn’t being used anymore, but was just the right size for an after school treat. I thought the small table would make for a cozy space to unwind from a long, first day. Here are the details on how the milk and cookie back to school treat came together.

Cookie Canister

The cookie canister centerpiece was made with a tin milk jug I found at Hobby Lobby to which I added my own blue and brown polka dot ribbon. I cut three circles in varying sizes (7″, 6″ and 5″) using my Cricut and then used a brown marker to draw on chocolate chips. I did practice this a few times on scratch paper before attempting on the the cookies. I also used the brown marker to outline the cookies and even cut half circles out of the biggest cookie to make it look like bite marks. I then taped the cookies to wooden skewers and placed into the jug that I’d stuffed with tissue paper. If free-handing the chocolate chips seems overwhelming, try printing chocolate chip clip art and gluing to the cookies.

Cookie Platter

Each place setting was staged with a glass of milk and a cupcake. The wooden chargers were purchased at Target and were placed underneath a white dinner plate and blue dessert plate. The white dinner plates were found at IKEA and the blue dessert plates were another Target find. The white cupcake stands came from Hobby Lobby and were a fun way to display the chocolate cupcake topped with mini chocolate chips.

Beside the cookie cupcake was a small jug of milk that was topped with a couple chocolate striped cookies and a tan polka dot paper straw. One more way to incorporate another type of cookie into the place setting.

Back to School Banner

The back to school banner was made using 4×6 brown paper bags from a craft supply store. I chose brown paper bags because it reminder me for sack lunches. The letters were free hand drawn onto the bags using a white paint pen. I loosely shaded in the letters to give the design a sort of chalkboard look. The bags were hung on black and white string with mini white clothes pins. I taped the three strands of string to the wall and covered the tape with 3 1/4″ cookies I made using my Cricut.

More Cookies

To make the treat even sweeter, I set out four different flavored cookies from Insomnia Cookies; M&M, Peanut Butter Chip, Double Chocolate Chunk and Snickerdoodle. Cookie overload.

Judging from these cookie crumb grins, I think the treat was a success.

Supply List

  • Cookie Canister
    • 12″ tin milk jug or other vase
    • wooden skewers
    • 3-12×12 sheets of tan scrapbook paper
    • brown marker
    • tissue paper
  • Place Setting
    • 15″ Acacia wood platter for Target (I used them as chargers)
    • 12″ white dinner plate (these are from IKEA_
    • dessert plates (found at Target)
    • mini pedestals (found at Hobby Lobby)
    • tan polka dot paper straws
    • emptied and washed Starbucks Frappuccino bottles
    • milk and cookie drink wrappers
    • fudge striped cookies and chocolate cupcakes with white frosting and mini chocolate chips sprinkles
  • Back to School Banner
    • 4×6 brown paper bags
    • white paint pen
    • black and white string
    • white mini clothes pins

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Our house gets pretty excited for the start of the Viking’s football season. While the boys of the house focus on quarterback ratings and starting line-ups, I see the kick-off of the NFL season as a chance to get crafty. Break out the hot glue gun and scrapbook paper, this post explains how I put together a football party this is sure to start your favorite team’s season off with a win.

welcome football season

With a wreath like this on the front door, our neighbors have no doubt which team we’re supporting. I made this fabric rag wreath using yellow, purple and football patterned fabric. Here’s a link to a tutorial on how to make a fabric rag wreath. The center of the wreath is a 4×6 image I snagged from the Vikings website, backed with yellow chevron scrapbook paper, topped with a purple and football ribbon and hung with yellow polka dot ribbon. Tying the fabric rag wreath is time consuming. I did it in short spurts over a couple evenings, usually after the boys were in bed and I was watching the evening news.


I kept the food simple. The pizza was a take and bake cheese pizza that I added pepperonis and strategically placed cheese to in the shape of a football. I googled purple drinks and found a recipe for Purple People Eaters. Delicious. The bottles are emptied and washed Starbucks Frappuccino drinks. I hot glued football ribbon and tiny Skol! pennants to the bottle necks then popped in a yellow striped paper straw. For dessert, I made brownies and then used a football shaped cookie cutter to cut them. I then piped white frosting across the footballs to make laces.

Set the Scene

To make the banner that was taped across the island I used my Cricut to cut 6 inch triangles out of both purple and yellow chevron scrapbook paper. I then cut 5 1/2 inch triangles out of the solid colors and used a glue stick to layer them on top of each other. The letters were cut at 5 inches, attached to the triangles and then topped with a purple polka dot ribbon.

The football tower centerpiece was my favorite party project, but was also the most challenging. The tower’s base is a 10 inch Styrofoam half ball with a 1 inch dowel jammed into it. The football is a paper lantern that I purchased at a party supply store. The yellow plastic megaphone was also purchased at a party supply store and sandwiched between two-8 inch, purple tulle poms poms. Around the base, I crumpled and layered green tissue paper and secured with packing tape. The poms poms were attached with gobs of hot glue. I made a slit on the bottom and the top of the megaphone with an x-acto knife and pulled the dowel through. It takes some patience and a little finesse to get the pom poms and tissue paper to cooperate. The outcome is worth it.

Lil’ Vikes

To add to the fun for the boys, I did a kid’s table for this party. The place setting was 12×12 pieces of scrapbook paper and paper party plates. I wrapped juice boxes with brown paper and used white strips of tape to make them look like footballs. The centerpiece was a balloon bouquet that I purchased at the grocery store.

supply list
  • Wreath
    • wire wreath frame
    • 1 yard each-yellow, purple and football patterned ribbon
    • 1″ wide purple polka dot ribbon
    • 2″ wide yellow polka dot ribbon
    • 1/2″ wide football ribbon
  • Go Vikes Banner
    • 6″ triangles cut from both yellow and purple chevron scrapbook paper
    • 5 1/2″ triangles cut from both solid yellow and purple scrapbook paper
    • black scrapbook paper
    • 1/2″ purple polka dot ribbon (also used on wreath)
  • Purple People Drink Bottles
    • emptied and washed Starbucks Frappuccino bottles
    • 1/2″ wide football ribbon (also used on wreath)
    • purple chevron scrapbook paper (also used on banner)
    • yellow scrapbook paper (also used on banner)
    • yellow striped paper straws
  • Football Tower

Regardless of how the team performs on the field, the game day atmosphere was a win!.

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Back to School Treat

The first day of school is exciting, nerve-racking and exhausting. I can’t image how my kids must feel. The stress of new teachers, routines and expectations is hard. Each year I’ve put together a little treat to help remind them they are special and this school year will be the best one yet.

You Rule snack mix
You Rule

I threw this treat together in just a few minutes. You don’t have to pour hours into creative and crafty projects. Simple is sometimes better. To make this treat I used:

  • CD/DVD sleeves I bought on Amazon
  • Snack mix-I bought M&Ms, Kix cereal, Cheez-Its and pretzel sticks
  • I found this idea and the printable here
Latte Fun
School is a “latte” fun

The latte cups were pretty simple and quick as well.

  • 1 patterned piece of scrapbook paper-I chose polka dots
  • pencils-I picked a couple colored ones
  • Large suckers
  • Candy to fill the cup-I used Laffy Taffy
  • White shredded paper
  • I used publisher make this labels. I’ve uploaded them here
  • Drink cups-I bummed these off my favorite barista

My boys are headed back to school just after Labor Day this year and I plan to surprise them with a traditional milk and cookies after school snack. Check back in early September to see how it turned out.

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Yo, Ho Ho!

March 2015

Birthdays are a big deal. Especially when you’re turning five and especially at our house. To celebrate turning a “whole hand” Paxton requested a pirate birthday party. Bring on the pirate hats, eye patches, treasure chests and a bounty of other pirate booty. Here’s how the party came together:

Walk the Plank!

  • On our patio door I draped a piece of black netting and strung a triangle shaped banner made of red and black sheets of patterned scrapbook paper.
  • Using Publisher, I made two signs that were mounted to pirate themed scrapbook paper. The images on the signs were clipart available in Publisher.
  • For the island centerpiece, I staged some beads and gold coins I found at a party supply store with a hook, pirate spyglass and sword from my kid’s toy box. From the hook, I tied three Mylar balloons.
  • The island was covered with a black plastic table cloth and a yard of striped, black and white fabric that I cut into the shape of a table runner.
  • The banner in front of the island was made with a Cricut and a variety of scrapbook paper. I cut strips of pirate themed fabric and tied them in between the banner’s words.

Welcome me hearties!

As guests walked up to our house on the day of the party, they were warned……

  • X marks the spot-I used red duct tape to make a giant X in front of the door.
  • The chest was from our basement, we use it was blanket storage. I used a yard of black fabric with white polka dots and tucked it over the top of the chest. The skull and cross bones were made with my Cricut. More beads, coins, a pirate party hat, toy sword and a skull from our Halloween decorations adorn the top of the chest.
  • Another piece of black netting (from the same package used on the patio door) was draped over the open chest.
    The sign on the chest was made using Publisher. It reads, “Beware as you search for gold, Captain Paxton is turning five years old!”
  • The vertical sign on the front door was purchased here.


Sail-I used one-inch PVC pipe that I spray painted black to make the basic structure. Both the base and the vertical part of the sail are the shape of an upper case letter I.

  • The base is covered with a piece of pirate themed fabric that was left over from the island banner. I raided the boys’ toy box again for the hook and sword at the base of the sail.
  • I used two pieces of black and white, striped fabric (the same fabric that was used for the island table runner) to tie to the vertical part of the sail.
  • A similar triangle banner to the one on the patio door hangs across the sail.

Shiver Me Timbers

  • The red and white striped placemats were set over a black plastic table cloth.
  • The paper pirate plates were placed over slightly larger black plastic plates.
  • Red plastic silverware was wrapped in skull and cross bones napkins and secured with napkin rings I made using my Cricut and scrapbook paper.
  • Guests drank root beer from bottles that I replaced the labels on. I also removed the bottle caps from the root beer and shoved generic cork stoppers I purchased at a craft store.

The birthday cake was the hit of the party. I followed a pirate cake making tutorial but made modifications. I’m not good with cake fondant, so I covered the cake with frosting. The sails of the cake were made with scrapbook paper and were secured with skewers. Pirate figurines were set on and around the cake. I used a cardboard cake board and wrapped it in a left over piece of black table cloth. Left over black netting, gold coins and beads rounded out the centerpiece.

The birthday boy was thrilled with the decorations and looked adorable in his custom made pirate shirt. With gifts opened and guests gone, the entire family needed a nap!