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Our house gets pretty excited for the start of the Viking’s football season. While the boys of the house focus on quarterback ratings and starting line-ups, I see the kick-off of the NFL season as a chance to get crafty. Break out the hot glue gun and scrapbook paper, this post explains how I put together a football party this is sure to start your favorite team’s season off with a win.

welcome football season

With a wreath like this on the front door, our neighbors have no doubt which team we’re supporting. I made this fabric rag wreath using yellow, purple and football patterned fabric. Here’s a link to a tutorial on how to make a fabric rag wreath. The center of the wreath is a 4×6 image I snagged from the Vikings website, backed with yellow chevron scrapbook paper, topped with a purple and football ribbon and hung with yellow polka dot ribbon. Tying the fabric rag wreath is time consuming. I did it in short spurts over a couple evenings, usually after the boys were in bed and I was watching the evening news.


I kept the food simple. The pizza was a take and bake cheese pizza that I added pepperonis and strategically placed cheese to in the shape of a football. I googled purple drinks and found a recipe for Purple People Eaters. Delicious. The bottles are emptied and washed Starbucks Frappuccino drinks. I hot glued football ribbon and tiny Skol! pennants to the bottle necks then popped in a yellow striped paper straw. For dessert, I made brownies and then used a football shaped cookie cutter to cut them. I then piped white frosting across the footballs to make laces.

Set the Scene

To make the banner that was taped across the island I used my Cricut to cut 6 inch triangles out of both purple and yellow chevron scrapbook paper. I then cut 5 1/2 inch triangles out of the solid colors and used a glue stick to layer them on top of each other. The letters were cut at 5 inches, attached to the triangles and then topped with a purple polka dot ribbon.

The football tower centerpiece was my favorite party project, but was also the most challenging. The tower’s base is a 10 inch Styrofoam half ball with a 1 inch dowel jammed into it. The football is a paper lantern that I purchased at a party supply store. The yellow plastic megaphone was also purchased at a party supply store and sandwiched between two-8 inch, purple tulle poms poms. Around the base, I crumpled and layered green tissue paper and secured with packing tape. The poms poms were attached with gobs of hot glue. I made a slit on the bottom and the top of the megaphone with an x-acto knife and pulled the dowel through. It takes some patience and a little finesse to get the pom poms and tissue paper to cooperate. The outcome is worth it.

Lil’ Vikes

To add to the fun for the boys, I did a kid’s table for this party. The place setting was 12×12 pieces of scrapbook paper and paper party plates. I wrapped juice boxes with brown paper and used white strips of tape to make them look like footballs. The centerpiece was a balloon bouquet that I purchased at the grocery store.

supply list
  • Wreath
    • wire wreath frame
    • 1 yard each-yellow, purple and football patterned ribbon
    • 1″ wide purple polka dot ribbon
    • 2″ wide yellow polka dot ribbon
    • 1/2″ wide football ribbon
  • Go Vikes Banner
    • 6″ triangles cut from both yellow and purple chevron scrapbook paper
    • 5 1/2″ triangles cut from both solid yellow and purple scrapbook paper
    • black scrapbook paper
    • 1/2″ purple polka dot ribbon (also used on wreath)
  • Purple People Drink Bottles
    • emptied and washed Starbucks Frappuccino bottles
    • 1/2″ wide football ribbon (also used on wreath)
    • purple chevron scrapbook paper (also used on banner)
    • yellow scrapbook paper (also used on banner)
    • yellow striped paper straws
  • Football Tower

Regardless of how the team performs on the field, the game day atmosphere was a win!.


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