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Back to School Treat

The first day of school is exciting, nerve-racking and exhausting. I can’t image how my kids must feel. The stress of new teachers, routines and expectations is hard. Each year I’ve put together a little treat to help remind them they are special and this school year will be the best one yet.

You Rule snack mix
You Rule

I threw this treat together in just a few minutes. You don’t have to pour hours into creative and crafty projects. Simple is sometimes better. To make this treat I used:

  • CD/DVD sleeves I bought on Amazon
  • Snack mix-I bought M&Ms, Kix cereal, Cheez-Its and pretzel sticks
  • I found this idea and the printable here
Latte Fun
School is a “latte” fun

The latte cups were pretty simple and quick as well.

  • 1 patterned piece of scrapbook paper-I chose polka dots
  • pencils-I picked a couple colored ones
  • Large suckers
  • Candy to fill the cup-I used Laffy Taffy
  • White shredded paper
  • I used publisher make this labels. I’ve uploaded them here
  • Drink cups-I bummed these off my favorite barista

My boys are headed back to school just after Labor Day this year and I plan to surprise them with a traditional milk and cookies after school snack. Check back in early September to see how it turned out.


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